Currently, all data collected by Irstea is available from the Orgeval basin manager ( Soon, it is directly accessible from this site via BD_ORACLE.

Data base

Currently, all data collected by Irstea is available from the Orgeval basin manager ( It is directly available from this site via BD_ORACLE©. The scientific aim of ORACLE is the hydrological and biogeochemical functioning of sedimentary basins, in a rural anthropized environment. Multivariable and multi-scale observations of embedded catchments(1km² à 1800 km²)of the Paris basin are necessary …

Quality of data

The main objective of ORACLE is to put at the disposal of scientists and operational, data collected during the period of observation. These data require the installation of a quality procedure. This work falls under Irstea policy of quality, established on the whole of its Observation sites, and based on two networks, "Measures and Instrumentation" …

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All data collected by Irstea are available on BD_ORACLE©